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Christian Education Ministry

The Christian Education Ministry at St. John's is focused on bibical teaching and discussion at all ages, please join us and engage in the learning:


Sunday School


Confirmation and High School

Child Protection Policy


Adult Faith Formation




Sunday School - Children's Faith Formation

We will be using the SPARK program once again through Augsburg Fortress and we will incorporate special activity classes highlighting important church celebrations on calendar-specific Sundays. We believe this will improve each child’s memory of details about church seasons and traditions to retain for years to come!

The Holy Spirit has already worked hard over the last year in Children’s Ministry and we don’t foresee things slowing down anytime soon. That’s a wonderful thing! We work with multiple ministries (such as our Puppet Ministry) in the church to provide optimal experiences for everyone and we are very blessed to hold a unique, intimate and fulfilling program for every child. We now begin every Sunday in our Chapel Library space for “Chapel Rise & Shine” where a Bible story is read, possibly a short video shown, a devotion/prayer is conducted and children are given the opportunity to give an offering. Chapel time enriches the Sunday School experience and all children age 3-10 are together in one room sharing experiences. The altar in this special space is all hands-on for that deeper understanding of church traditions and symbolism.

Every class is conducted by a Lead teacher, an Assistant and possibly a Teacher Intern (highschool student).

We welcome all visitors in Children’s Sunday School at St. John’s on any Sunday School day! If your child wants to bring a friend(s), there will always be space for them and they will be included in the same activities and crafts as our regular attendees. No need to ask ahead of time, we look forward to including everyone and sharing the morning with them!







Confirmation and High School

Sixth through eighth grade students build on their Bible knowledge and learn more about the church and what it means to be a Lutheran through our Confirmation program. Meeting weekly with Pastor Mike and our Associate Pastor, parents and youth spend alternating years focusing on church history, a Bible overview, and Lutheran basics. Parents are incorporated into the program so that the whole family can grow in faith as one member prepares to affirm their baptism. We generally confirm young people on Pentecost in their eighth grade year. This class meets in the Upstairs Classroom, above the staff offices.

High school classes and above are focused on living the Christian life. We answer questions like, “What does the Bible have to say to the newspaper?” “What does all this Christianity stuff have to do with my life?” and “What do scholars have to teach us about this chapter of the Scripture?” The high school class meets in the Youth Room of the Parish Life Center.



Child Protection Policy



Adult Faith Formation

Adult Sunday School has a variety of options. Come and see what God has in store!

Please note that some adult classes have a consistent curriculum, while others rotate on a regular basis. Rotating classes are structured to have a topic and teacher for four to six weeks. All of these classes change at the same time, so people are free to keep consistent or to move as the Spirit leads them! Classes are located in our downstairs Adult Wing below the pastoral and staff offices, in the PLC main space and side rooms, and occasionally in the Fellowship Hall. In addition to the special-topic rotation classes, these are the ones consistently running through the year.



Alpha & Omega

 Teacher:  Judy Lybrand

 Location:  Adult Wing Room L08 (under the sanctuary)


This is a thorough and friendly study that walks the whole Bible through chapter by chapter.



Contemporary Discussions

 Teacher:  Dick Conn

 Location:  PLC Senior/Library Room


This lively class seeks to relate current world events to God's Word and enjoys a good conversation and a good cup of coffee.


Martin's Table

 Location:  PLC ConferenceRoom


This multi-generational class is dedicated to providing short-term studies on various topics in the spirit and tradition of teaching, debate, and discussion found at Martin Luther's own table.


New Member Classes

  Lead Teacher and St. John’s Council members


Location:  Adult Wing under the Sanctuary

St. John’s offers a biannual six week course to prepare guests to become members. The sessions include an introduction to our community life and the faith we share. 




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