Small Narthex Windows

    The window on the left with the snake in the cup is called “John, as an Apostle.”

According to the early writers, John once drank from a poisoned chalice and was unharmed. Jesus had once said that John should drink of His cup. The red stained glass in this window stands for resurrection.

   The small window to the right is called “The Winged Creature with an Eagle’s Head.”

The emblem of John is the high soaring eagle because in his narrative he rises to lofty heights in dealing with the mind of Christ. The eagle is standing behind a flaming caldron.

Windowm small narthex left   Windowm small narthex right

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   At the time of the 1972 expansion, these two small windows were on opposite side walls of the original narthex, but once the addition was completed, they were moved and placed side-by-side.

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