Sunday School


At 10am on Sunday, groups gather all over St. John’s to dig deeper into God’s word and engage in conversation about God’s presence in our lives and the world. With classes for all ages, there's something for everyone.

Our children’s classes are held in the wing underneath the Fellowship Hall. We are learning from the SparkHouse Curriculum, which follows the same readings we hear in worship. When you come, please walk your child down to their room. The rooms are labeled with signs for PreK - K, 1st-2nd grade, and 3rd-5th grade. You can expect them to read from the Bible, to be taught by caring adults, and to pray together.  

2013 Childrens SS     2013 Childrens SS2


Sixth through eighth grade students build on their Bible knowledge and learn more about the church and what it means to be a Lutheran through our confirmation program. Meeting weekly with Pastor Emily, parents and youth spend alternating years focusing on church history, a Bible overview, and Lutheran basics. Parents are incorporated into the program so that the whole family can grow in faith as one member prepares to affirm their baptism. We generally confirm young people on Pentecost in their eighth grade year. This class meets in the Upstairs Classroom, above the staff offices.

2013 Confirmands

High school classes and above are focused on living the Christian life. We answer questions like, “What does the Bible have to say to the newspaper?” “What does all this Christianity stuff have to do with my life?” and “What do scholars have to teach us about this chapter of the Scripture?” The high school class meets in the Youth Room of the Parish Life Center.

Adult Sunday School has a variety of options. Come and see what God has in store!

Please note that some classes meet each week and have a consistent curriculum, while others rotate on a regular basis. Rotating classes are structured to have a topic and teacher for four to six weeks. All of these classes change at the same time, so people are free to keep consistent or to move as the Spirit leads them!


New! Young Adult Bible Study


Facilitators: Meghan Jones, Robert and Melissa Wells, Chris Towe, and Charlianne Nestlen


Young Adult Bible Study will meet in the Parlor to look at the Sunday readings together. This conversational group is led by a team of facilitators. Everyone past their high school years through their 20s and 30s are welcome to come every week or to jump in and out as their other commitments at St. John’s might require.


Alpha & Omega


Teacher:  Judy Lybrand


Location:  Room L08 (under the sanctuary)


This is a thorough and friendly study that walks the whole Bible through chapter by chapter. Fall of 2016 will continue reading through the Psalms.



Contemporary Discussions


Teacher:  Dick Conn


Location:  PLC Senior Room


This lively class seeks to relate current world events to God's Word and enjoys a good conversation and a good cup of coffee.




Martin's Table


Location:  PLC ConferenceRoom


This multi-generational class is dedicated to providing short-term studies on various topics in the spirit and tradition of teaching, debate, and discussion found at Martin Luther's own table. Many of their sessions this year will be in preparation for 2017’s 500th anniversary of the Reformation


Jan. 8-Feb. 26: Ancient Secrets of the Bible (led by Gil Bulman)


March 5- Apr. 9: Life of Luther (led by Jim Milligan)


Apr. 23- May 28: Churches of the Reformation (led by Jim Milligan)




New Member Classes


Teacher:  Harrell Connelly and St. John’s Council members


Location:  L12, under the sanctuary

Upcoming! March 5- April 9, 2017, St. John’s will offer a six week course to prepare guests to become members. The sessions include an introduction to our community life and the faith we share.




Living the Christian Life


Location:  Downstairs Conference Room, under the sanctuary


This track will rotate by topic and teacher, and seeks to encourage students to think through how their faith impacts their everyday life.


Jan. 8-Feb. 26: Spiritual Gifts and Personalities


March 5- Apr. 9: Prayer and Bible Study


Apr. 23- May 28: Sharing the Joy We’ve Found






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